Dreaming of MAGID BERNARD – A True Story

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We love it when clients visit us in our Los Angeles showroom, and it was no exception when the bell rang a week or so ago and in walked Elisa Wayne!  We hadn’t seen her in months, and it’s always such a treat!  A high-powered attorney by day, Elisa is a stand-up comedienne at night.  When she walks into a room, she takes command, and can slay you with her brilliance or wit – or both, depending on her mood.  That morning was no exception.

“I had a dream…” she announced at top decibel.   “I dreamed I was somewhere…some store…and I was desperate for a dress.   Desperate.   But I couldn’t find anything.  And they kept trying to force me into something floral.  And I’m not a floral kind of girl.   I’m a solids kind of girl.   But they wanted me in floral.   It was agonizing.   All I kept thinking was…get me out of here…I’ve got to go see MAGID BERNARD.  She shuddered and shook her hands as if trying to rid them of something awful.

“Oh no” I said consolingly “that’s hilarious.  So what’s up?”

“Well”, she said, “I really do need a dress…I think that’s what the dream was telling me. Go to MAGID BERNARD because you need something amazing (she imitates a zombie walking in Night of the Living Dead). Seriously, I’m going to my niece’s Bat Mitzvah next week.   I want to look…well, elegant, cultured, sexy…but not too sexy…quietly sexy…but not sexy, sexy like my last one.  Elegant.  And happy.  Happy for her.   That’s what I want!   I want my dress to look happy for her!   Do you know what I mean?  But only if you have it. Because I need it next week.”

I knew what she meant…sort of.   We can do happy.   But as anyone who knows us knows, our clothing is custom made from our Collection.   So we have Collection samples, but we rarely sell them.   First, because they’re part of the Collection, and second because it’s rare that they are a perfect fit. And we’re sticklers for perfect fit.   But, because I love Elisa so dearly, I thought perhaps we could find a happy sample that would suit the occasion and not require too much retro-fitting.   We went into the fitting room with a rack full of beautiful gowns…eggplant hammered silk, yellow hand-painted silk chiffon, green sequins.  Hair up, hair down.   Different shoes, different jewelry.   Great looks all, but nothing that was perfect.

Hmmm….I went to the back…and pulled out a long silk-charmeuse gown in a salmon, silver and off-white floral print gown. Simple cap sleeves, a graceful neckline, a bias cut to the floor – with a long, but discrete slit up one leg.   I loved this gown…it was one of a kind…but it was floral.

I parted the curtains to the fitting room. Elisa took one look at the dress and threw her hands up in mock horror. “FLORAL” she shrieked.  It’s my dream!!  You’re going to force me into floral.”   Then she settled down and struck a pose with her hands on her hips, her head cocked to one side and a piercing look in her eyes as she surveyed the gown I stood holding (I can just imagine her sizing up a witness with that same withering look).   “I….like…it” she said slowly.

She slipped the gown on over her head and it slid down her body as if it had, in fact, been made for her.   It was perfect! Unbelievable in fact.   The colors warmed her skin, brightened her eyes and gave luster to her dark chestnut hair.  Even without makeup, she was a knock-out in it.   But an elegant knockout.   A Happy Knockout.   She glowed.   “I can’t believe my dream came true!” she sighed.

We’ll press it, add lingerie straps, make a tiny adjustment here or there – you can pick it up in a day or two.   And she did.

This is a true story.   And sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.  Who knows why Elisa dreamed she had to come to MAGID BERNARD that day….or why a floral gown was central to that dream’s message.   But I do believe that every dress we make has its true owner out there, somewhere… it’s just a matter of waiting until we find her….or she finds us.   Sometimes all it takes is a dream.

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