Congrats to our dear friends, Claire Pettibone and Guy Toley

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Claire Pettibone

By now,  everyone on the planet knows that billionaire Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, tied the knot with his college girlfriend, Priscilla Chan in a surprise wedding ceremony this week.

THE Dress

What everyone should also know is that Priscilla wore a gorgeous gown by our wonderful friend, Claire Pettibone.  And that too was a surprise…to Claire and her husband Guy Toley!  You can read the full interview from Good Morning America by clicking here, but the bottom line is that Claire and Guy found out about it like the rest of us…in the media ….”Hey, honey, look at this picture…isn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s bride  wearing your gown??”.   And there she was, in newspapers, on TV, on the cover of People Magazine looking absolutely lovely in Claire’s design.   Which, for those of us who toil in the fashion industry, is akin to finding the man from Publisher’s Clearing House on your front steps holding a billboard sized check with your name on it!  The feeling is just over the top.  Not because of the financial rewards that will undoubtedly follow…but because the opportunity to be truly recognized for what we do as designers is so rare.  And when it happens, it is just so AWESOME!   So we really want to congratulate Claire and Guy.  We can’t think of anyone who deserves this moment more than they do!

Guy and Claire called us for an impromptu dinner Wednesday evening to celebrate Claire's birthday. At this point, we knew that Priscilla Chan wore Claire Pettibone. I asked if they had further response to the dress. Guy then told me on the phone that Good Morning America had just interviewed Claire in their store and they were going to be on the cover of People Magazine this week. I screamed, and screamed and screamed! Jumped in the car to meet them, and when I got to the restaurant, it was just us and their daughter Lorelei. Here's a cute photo I took of them. This is what Claire was wearing for her Good Morning America interview. I'm still screaming inside for them. And I'm so happy that it was just us. I got the full scoop, and we just kept looking at each other and smiling, knowing how incredibly special this was.

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