Made to Measure Made Perfectly

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Custom Fornasetti Sheath & Jacket

Every now and again a new client will ask us what the advantages are to having a garment made-to-measure.

First and foremost, it means fit…each garment we produce is made to our client’s measurements, rather than from a stock pattern size.  There’s no such thing, to us, as a “perfect” size 6, 8, 10 etc.  In fact, most women are a combination of “sizes” – maybe a 10 or a 10-and-a-half on top, an 8 at the waist and another size in the derriere.  That’s not a problem.

It also means we can tinker with a design …dropping a waistline, adjusting a neckline, adding a sleeve…whatever is desired or required to bring out the woman’s best attributes.

And sometimes, it means we can “re-imagine” a garment almost entirely – recreating a variation especially for that client.

This was the case with the Fornasetti sheath dress and jacket we just completed for one of our favorite clients, Marianne Mautner.   Marianne fell in love with the black-and-white ruched dress from our Fornasetti Collection, but she is so tiny that the scale of it overwhelmed her.

Not one to give up easily, Marianne asked us if we could rescale it for her, and perhaps add a jacket.  We did just that.  You can see the results below…a beautifully simple sheath dress and crisply cut jacket scaled perfectly to her size.   We can’t wait to see it on her!   For more images of our Fornasetti Collection, click here.

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