A Magical Journey to Mexico

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I recently returned from my second visit to San Miguel de Allende, a beautifully restored Colonial town in central Mexico.  I stayed at Casa San Miguel, the fabulous home of my friend, Beth James. Casa San Miguel, and San Miguel itself, will transport you back in time to Spanish Colonial Mexico.

The city’s winding picture-postcard cobblestone streets are lined with crayon-colored buildings.  Baroque colonial mansions, like Casa San Miguel, hide tiled patios, fountained gardens and intricate balconies behind vine covered [...]


“My” Dr. Marilou Terpenning honored with Angel Award by John Wayne Cancer Institute!

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Dr. Terpenning and me, getting our MAGID BERNARD glam on!

Last Thursday’s Annual Membership Luncheon at the John Wayne Cancer Institute honored Dr. Marilou Terpenning , M.D., F.A.C.P., with its prestigious Angel Award.  Dr. Terpenning was my medical oncologist (chemo doctor) when I had breast cancer 10 years ago this year.

She is a remarkable woman.  Brilliant, of course, but also one of the most beautiful and compassionate human beings I’ve known.

Her lifelong commitment to [...]