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It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a month since we participated in the November 2nd, 2012 Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation’s (LCEF’s) annual fund raising event, LA Fete Louisiane.  Nobody knows how to celebrate like New Orleanians…and that fabulous event is still fresh in our minds!

The LCEF’s mission is to help strengthen Louisiana’s economy by providing grants and assistance to the state’s indigenous, cultural businesses.    The recipients of its efforts have included chefs, musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers, [...]


Jacqueline Bishop, Opening November 3rd at the Arthur Rogers Gallery

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Among the things we love, is the artwork of our dear friend, Jacqueline Bishop.  Jacqueline creates incredibly beautiful art that gets inside your head.  Her work shows intricate, intense depictions of nature that are both beautiful and eerie.  Sometimes even alarming…in a strangely quiet, intellectually contemplative sort of way.  This is the kind of art you hang because it sticks with you….it reappears in your dreams, and at odd hours when you are lost in your own thoughts.  Haunting, caring [...]