Jacqueline Bishop, Opening November 3rd at the Arthur Rogers Gallery

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Among the things we love, is the artwork of our dear friend, Jacqueline Bishop.  Jacqueline creates incredibly beautiful art that gets inside your head.  Her work shows intricate, intense depictions of nature that are both beautiful and eerie.  Sometimes even alarming…in a strangely quiet, intellectually contemplative sort of way.  This is the kind of art you hang because it sticks with you….it reappears in your dreams, and at odd hours when you are lost in your own thoughts.  Haunting, caring beauty is the best way to describe it.

Jacqueline’s art reflects the environmental peril that is closing in around us.  From the rain forests of Brazil to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, climate change, land loss, and extinction are the subject of her pieces.

In an article in myneworleans.com, Jacqueline’s propensity for re-using found objects was noted.  Baby shoes she has curiously found in the streets in New Orleans, Brazil, Peru and New York as well as in second-hand stores or even, enigmatically, in the rain forest are imbued with new symbolic meaning in her recent evocative installations. “We all started out in shoes this small,” she says, handling a tiny, worn-out slipper. “What decisions have we made since then about the world we walk on?”

If you are anywhere close to New Orleans from November 3rd through December 22nd, we encourage you to see her exhibit “Against The Tide” at the Arthur Rogers Gallery.  We guarantee you won’t forget it!

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