“That’s the BEST dress I’ve seen all night.”

~ James Galanos, designer, complimenting Magid Bernard’s model/muse at The Fashion Group International’s 2010 Meet The Designer’s Gala.

“Magid, and his wife, Michele, are passionate about their work and, I think, add significantly to the worth, quality and integrity of American Fashion.”

~ Ralph Rucci, designer

“Couture is alive and well…not just in Paris…but in Los Angeles…in the elegant, sleek headquarters of Magid Bernard…where Michele and Magid Bernard create the kind of clothes one wishes to see more of at L.A.’s Red Carpet occasions. Super European fabrics…designs that are both timely and timeless…impeccable workmanship are the characteristics of the label.  These are clothes that are truly kind to the wearer…flatteringly feminine and totally chic at the same time…Fashion as it was meant to be!”

~ Fall 2012 Nashville Fashion Week organizers:

“Our thanks to Magid Mehrabedi and Michele Bernard for including us on their website. And for gracing the runways of Lexus Nashville Fashion Week…”

~ Edie Locke, Former Editor-in-Chief, Mademoiselle

“You two are so talented – and your things consistently stand out for quality and style!”

~ Ann Lents, Houston, TX

“The black cashmere tunic is fabulous, and I might not take it off until it warms up in March – Thank you!

~Tricia Weeks, attorney extraordinaire in New Orleans

“I think that’s the best dress I’ve seen since GEOFFREY BEENE…and you know, I thought he was IT!”

Linda Thompson, Sales Associate, Jamie-Nashville regarding Clare Armistead’s  newest “Little Black Dress”.

“Their designs are timeless with a twist…always in step, without being trite.”

~ Wynn Develle, owner deVelle, San Marino, California

“Everywhere I go, people ask, “Where did you get that?” Their designs catch the eye of most photographers.”

~Joyce Eisenberg Keefer, philanthropist

“I am unaware of any other designers today who truly make ‘made-to-measure’.”

~ Jamie Stream, owner, Jamie, Nashville, Tennessee

“Marianne Mautner, who lived in Lakewood South (New Orleans) until the storm, now is in Atlanta.  But she wouldn’t miss the chance to see the Bernards.  ‘I flew in,’ said Mautner, as she was greeted with a hug and a kiss by the designer at the door. ‘I came in for the Saints game, Michele and the holidays.  It all worked out.…I have this jacket,’ Mautner said, ‘and every time I wear it, I hear, ‘Oh, that is fabulous.  Where did you get it?’  Her clothes are timeless classics.’

~Susan Langenhennig, Fashion Editor, The Times Picayune, New Orleans

I’ve worn my new grey flannel pinstripe MAGID BERNARD dress to my 20th anniversary dinner in New York and to a business luncheon.  It’s perfect anywhere!”

~ Gigi Lazenby,  Nashville, TN